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Do You Picture Your Tax Bill & Grin?

If you are a high-income professional then chances are you are taxed at the highest rates. Any incremental income is slapped with a punitive expense in the form of taxes, and usually comes at the cost of more work hours and a lot of additional stress.

That is UNLESS you follow the investing methods in this free report, where I reveal what an orthopedic surgeon from Florida, an anesthesiologist from Ohio, and a few other health professionals did to generate passive income that was barely (and in some cases not at all) taxed. And it wasn't only their quarterly earnings that got tax savings; their assets appreciated and when it came time to sell they had options to entirely defer any capital gains taxes -- all without lifting a finger or earning a new certification.

When I share this information with doctors for the first time, they often have a "Eureka" moment: this is their safe, predictable, repeatedly proven way to transform high income into a high net worth family legacy.

If you fill in the form now, I'll send you the short report instantly, for free.

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Learn How Doctors Achieve Financial Freedom With (Nearly Tax-Free) Passive Investments


What You Will Learn In The Report:

  • the real reason why most investments (even when they "earn as you sleep") will never move you into high net worth status

  • the, frankly, frustrating story about the clinician who followed all my investing advice EXCEPT for one thing, and why that held him back from making serious money even as he continued to educate himself and pour more and more effort into it

  • 4 key filters to pick assets that will eventually get you to financial freedom

  • the asset class with a "paper losses on steroids" official tax document that allows you to have a huge offset even as the asset itself is firmly in the black, appreciating in value, and paying you out quarterly

  • the honest truth about the differences between stocks and real estate... that the real estate gurus in particular will never tell you

  • how the mega-wealthy use real estate in the correct way, rather than the typical landlord who spends precious time and energy for meager returns

  • all about the tax deductions that seem barely-legal but are in fact enshrined and encouraged by lawmakers and the IRS (they probably exist as loopholes for the elite, but for the time being they are available to the savvy high income earner IF you know where to look and how to use them... and don't worry, your accountant will not bat an eye and MAY even compliment you on your strategy)

  • how connected players access dirt-cheap institutional financing, plus how the average doctor-investor can leverage this to get much larger and more lucrative assets with no additional capital

  • the "long game" capital gains deferral method that allows you to eventually pass assets to your children with absolutely zero tax burden


Omar Khan, CFA
Bringing institutional finance experience to private passive investing

What Wealthy Doctors Are Saying About Omar's Investing Methods

“I highly recommend Omar and his team if you are looking for multifamily investing! He is very transparent and professional. I was referred to him by another physician.”
Lance S. Cassell, MD
(Orthopedics and Pain Medicine)
“Strong work, Omar. You are one of the most transparent sponsors I’ve had the pleasure of investing with!”
Bimal Shah, MD